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Skin Sister



The Face Cup is a little skin tool that you glide along your skin. The suction forces oxygen rich blood to the top layer of your skin and leaves your complexion looking radiant! It helps to tone facial muscles, aids in the drainage of lymph fluid, and reduces facial puffiness.


Strengthen skin and connective tissue.
Stimulate cells responsible for collagen production.
Relax muscle tension.
Reduce facial puffiness.
Brighten complexion.
Tone facial muscles.
Have your face looking "snatched" around the clock.

You can also use this magical little skin tool on your body (legs, arms) to reduce cellulite and even out skin texture.

How to

Apply a moisturiser or face oil to your face before using The Face Cup. This allows you to easily glide the tool along your face. Support the surrounding skin with your spare hand to avoid tugging. Always keep The Face Cup moving to avoid potential bruising.
Work in sections and go over each area only once.

Wash in warm soapy water after use and allow to dry.


The Face Cup is made of medical grade silicone and double wall glass. Both are is 100% bacteria resistant.


Wake up wondering why your face looks puffy? That 'double chin' might be lymphatic fluid, and The Face Cup is here to help!

This little device is a must have in your skin care kit, it glides along your skin, forcing oxygen-rich blood to the top layers while toning facial muscles and draining fluid. Enjoy a radiant complexion – forget puffiness!

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