You're not just buying good skincare, you're buying change. Our thoughtful packaging protects the environment by focusing on dramatically cutting down on the beauty industries annual production of 120 BILLION units of plastic which end up in landfill each year.

We have carefully selected double wall glass bottles and jars to feature our 30mL and 50g products. The double wall glass packaging costs us 70% more, compared to the identical looking plastic option. We opt for this as its a no brainer.. Glass is one of the most recyclable materials, and it can be recycled indefinitely without losing its quality or purity.

spinning bottle hydrating serum

Everything in our shipping packaging is thoughtfully recyclable right down to the innovative paper tray that our secures the products in place. We had to work with our manufacturer to create new paper moulds that they have never made before, because most brands opt for the insanely cheap, plastic option. We don't because sustainability matters.

Our specially designed foam bottle packaging that features our 120mL Very Clean Face Foam is made using recycled bottles. Once the product is all used up, the bottle is then ready for recycling too.

All of our formulas are thoughtfully created and produced right here in Australia to reduce our carbon footprint. We are not perfect but we are conscious, and striving to do better for this beautiful planet of ours. By investing in Skin Sister products you are investing in change.