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Skin Sister



Our Skin Rollers are made from 540 teeny-tiny titanium needles. Just roll it over your skin and it'll stimulate your body's healing powers, encouraging your dermis to produce collagen and elastin like crazy. The result? Say goodbye to wrinkles, scars, and fine lines!


Stimulates elastin production to reduce scarring.
Stimulated collagen production to reduce lines and wrinkles.
Allows you to treat a whole range different concerns by using targeted skin care products after rolling.

How to

Gently roll over your face and neck, ensure not to overlap your passes. Follow with targeted serums and cream to minimise certain skin conditions.
Submerge roller in disinfectant for 5 minutes after each use, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before storing away.
Use no more than twice a week.


Titanium needles.


Using a Skin Roller will create tiny microscopic punctures deep into the skin. This improves the absorption of the products you apply afterwards, amplifying their skincare benefits. Regular skin needling is one of the only ways to reduce acne scarring so if you suffer from uneven skin texture or your bothered about scarring, grab yourself one today!

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