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Skin Sister



Take your skincare routine to the next level with The Face Squish.
Featuring tiny, soft medical grade silicone bristles. Use this skin tool with your cleanser of choice to really get deep into your pores, eliminating blackheads, clogged oil, excess makeup, fake tan, and dead skin.


Eliminate blackheads and congestion.
Improved skin texture.
Diminished enlarged pores.
Get a clearer complexion.

How to

Work your cleanser in with this little skin tool, tiny circles are best.
Rinse thoroughly and use the suction cup at the back of The Face Squish to stick your wall or mirror, allowing to dry.


100% medical grade, bacteria resistant silicone.


If you're not using our innovative Very Clean Foam Foam Cleanser that features a silicone brush applicator, then you absolutely need The Face Squish.
The Face Squish is perfect for lathering up whatever cleanser you use. Its teeny-tiny, super-soft silicone bristles get right into your pores and mop up the gunk, helping rid you of your blackheads, blockages, and more. Your complexion will look brighter, pores will be smaller, and your skin's texture and tone will be better than ever.

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